Kelei Wang

Managing Director of GreenStream China

Kelei Wang is Managing Director of GreenStream China.  Kelei possesses over 10 years of dedicated China experience operating, advising and managing multinational investment companies on their cleantech investment activities in mainland of China.  He is also a recognized leader in field of carbon financing in CDM and CCERs market.

Kelei Wang began his career in Deutsche Bank at 2007 and has since focused on PRC investments, IPO and M&A matters.  Since 2009 Kelei has served as Managing Director of GreenStream China.

Kelei Wang  has played a key role in developing GreenStream’s ESCO business into a successful investment company in China. He has also closed 270 Carbon Financing Projects in China related to EU-ETS and China-ETS. He is a China citizen and received his Bachelors of Economic degree from the Macquarie University of Australia.




Photo by Faisal Al Fairs


节电量: 9732.8 MWh
节水量: 1698500 m3
节蒸汽量: 6873 t
节约标煤: 3893 TCE
减少碳排放量: 10083 tCO2e


节能32% & 节水63%


节电量: 1926.6 MWh
节水: 18495 m3
节蒸汽: 2652 t
节约标煤: 1068 TCE
减少碳排放量: 2766t CO2e