Harri Roto

Harri Roto has been leading the GreenStream’s China business since 2010 and has been one of the key persons in creating the energy efficiency as a service model for GreenStream.

Juha Ollikainen

Juha Ollikainen has strong expertise in project finance, in particular financial modeling, evaluation of projects and portfolios, and structuring of financial instruments against the background of climate and energy policies.

Edward Huang

Edward Huang is the Chief Operating Officer at GreenStream China and has worked in the company since 2009.

Lili Liao

Lili Liao is responsible for all Greenstream’s efficiency technologies and projects in China. Lili Liao is electrical engineer and senior expert in energy efficiency field.

Kelei Wang

Kelei Wang is Managing Director of GreenStream China. Kelei possesses over 10 years of dedicated China experience operating, advising and managing multinational investment companies on their clean-tech investment activities in mainland of China.