Financing & Advisory

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World-class advisory related to project finance and asset management services for low carbon investments

Green Financing

Our focus is on asset management and renewable energy, energy efficiency and resource efficiency projects, businesses and solutions. GreenStream is active worldwide.

In our asset management business, we are managing both private funds and public funding facilities providing finance for low-carbon and resource-efficient investments in developing countries. In addition, we advise international financing institutions, governments, regulators, the European Commission, and other public sector organisations in designing and implementing policies and incentive mechanisms. We are a trusted partner of private sector companies in identifying and capitalising on investment opportunities in low-carbon sectors.

Carbon Pricing

GreenStream has been at the forefront of the carbon pricing revolution since our founding in 2001. We played a key role in the development of the initial World Bank carbon funds and participated in the initial trading of carbon market instruments. Today, carbon pricing is globally recognised at the highest political levels as a key policy instrument for cost-effectively achieving the ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement, and GreenStream’s long-standing experience is in greater demand than ever.

GreenStream’s expertise stems from a diverse track record in all aspects of carbon pricing, from international negotiations to domestic policy instrument design and implementation (including emissions trading schemes and carbon taxation), and from analysis of business implications and opportunities associated with carbon pricing to development and management of emission reduction projects under the Kyoto Procotol’s carbon pricing mechanisms.


Implementation of the Paris Agreement and tasks to develop its rulebook

Client: Prime Minister’s Office of Finland

Published: 2016

The Use of Economic Instruments in Nordic Environmental Policy 2010-2013

Client: Nordic Council of Ministers

Published: 2014

Sectoral expansion of the EU ETS

Client: Nordic Council of Ministers

Published: 2015