Development, implementation and management of carbon funds

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Nordic Carbon Fund (NCF), Fine Carbon Fund (FCF), Fine Post-2012 Carbon Fund (FPCF) and Climate Opportunity Fund (COF)

Client: Various European companies, including energy companies and institutional investors

GreenStream developed, implemented and managed four proprietary carbon funds which acquire Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) under the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) on behalf of fund investors. Our exceptionally deep and diverse in-house expertise enables us to provide the full suite of services: from fund design, fund-raising, implementation and management to project origination, from legal services to technical due diligence, project cycle support and portfolio management, database development and operation, monitoring and follow-up, and carbon transaction management. Under these funds, GreenStream successfully contracted units from almost 100 emission reduction projects. Two of the funds are still ongoing.


Through the establishment and operation of four proprietary carbon funds, GreenStream has gained an extensive track record of real-life emission reduction projects and diverse experience in the various aspects of carbon markets, from carbon fund initiation all the way to the delivery of UN-certified units. Under the funds, GreenStream successfully contracted units from almost 100 emission reductions projects located in China and South Africa.  Project types included small- and large-scale hydropower, biomass power generation, municipal waste incineration, household-level solar water heating, landfill gas recovery and power generation.

GreenStream’s comprehensive in-house services included the development, launching and operating of the carbon funds; fundraising and recruiting fund investors; developing the project pipelines; carrying out due diligence and risk assessment; negotiating Carbon Mandate Letters and Emission Reductions Purchase Agreements (ERPAs) with project companies; engaging with relevant national authorities to obtain necessary approvals; supporting the development of UN-grade project documentation; supervising the monitoring of emission reductions; development of a database for project and portfolio management; monitoring and reporting compliance with the ERPAs, project progress and portfolio performance; managing carbon transactions and accounting.


Latest references

Opening China markets for Sarlin

GreenStream has opened China markets to many Finnish small and medium sized companies. One of the main technology partners at the moment is Sarlin.

Shangdong Guangjun Paper – annual energy savings up to 32 %

Annual savings:

Electricity saving: 1926.6 MWh
Water saving: 18495 m3
Steam saving: 2652 t
Standard coal: 1068 TCE
Emission reduction: 2766t CO2e

Energy Efficiency for Delong Steel

GreenStream’s project saved 15 % of the compressed air related electricity costs annually for Delong Steel’s Xingtai steel mill. The technology provider was Sarlin.