Energy Efficiency for Delong Steel

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Delong Steel, a private enterprise located in Hebei province, was one of the first steel industry companies that GreenStream worked with in China. GreenStream built a successful energy effieciency project for Delong’s compressed air system, and delivered the project as an ESCO (energy service company). GreenStream acted as a project developer and investor in the project. Immediately upon its launch GreenStream’s project saved 15 % of the annual compressed air related electricity costs for Delong Steel’s Xingtai mill without the client needing to invest into energy saving technology. Read more about the technology solution in our reference story “Opening the China markets for Sarlin“.

Delong Steel is specialized in manufacturing and selling hot-rolled coils (“HRC”) and has production capacity of 3 million tons of steel annually. The factory land area of over 900,000 square meters is ISO9001-certified. The company has continuously devoted to technological enhancements and, in 2015, with the help of GreenStream’s dedicated team, Sarlin Balance, the comprehensive compressed air optimization system was implemented at Delong Steel’s steel mill in Xingtai. The Sarlin Balance systems was installed to control and monitor the compressed air production, as well as delivery and operations in the steel mill. Sarlin Balance system improved Xingtai mill’s energy economy by monitoring the compressors and responding to changing air demands, creating optimum and balanced pressure levels, and providing relevant real-time information on the compressed air system. The energy saving is about 15 percent of compressed air network’s energy consumption.

The Sarlin Balance system was provided to Delong Steel as an Energy Service Company project (known as EMC, energy management contract in China), cohere by the technology is delivered to the steel mill in return for revenue from the energy savings. GreenStream organized the financing, technical solutions and engineering for Delong Steel’s Sarlin Balance system. The value of the energy savings created by Sarlin Balance are shared between GreenStream and the project owner for a pre-defined period. Thanks to GreenStream’s EMC project, Delong Steel was able to access world-class technology without upfront capital costs. Furthermore, this project enabled Delong Steel Co. Ltd to implement its first energy efficiency project with Finnish technology. For Sarlin Ltd, this project brought a ground-breaking reference in China.

The project installation took place in 2015 and Delong Steel has been fully satisfied with the results.


“Just 6 weeks after the first intallation, the client asked us to implement another Sarlin Balance project for their other steel mill. In early January 2016, the second Sarlin Balance project was signed and commissioning took place later in 2016. This was a record pace for us in convincing the client about the benefits of new technologies. These cases demonstrate the excellence of the Sarlin Balance system and the ideal fit of our ESCO business model with the Sarlin Balance.”

Harri Roto
Head of GreenStream’s China Operations


Photo by Jenna Hytti

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