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Reliable partner in energy efficiency projects and project financing

Energy Efficiency Projects

Energy efficiency in China offers boundless opportunities and our goal is to be one of the market leaders in the Energy Service Company (ESCO) sector.

GreenStream organizes financing, technical solution, and engineering for its energy efficiency projects. From day one the Client saves more money than pays for the energy efficiency technology. The energy efficiency projects are established as ESCO projects, where the financial value of energy savings, material and water savings created by the project is shared between GreenStream and the project owner for a defined period.

Channel to China markets

Through our energy efficiency projects in China, we have successfully opened China markets for innovative Nordic technology companies and together built their success stories in China.

GreenStream has over 10 years' experience in China and during that time we have built a strong network amongst key industrial, financial and regulatory stakeholders in China and have a broad experience in providing energy efficiency services to state-owned and other major industrial companies throughout the country. GreenStream's strong Beijing-based team of experts is able to maximize energy efficiency opportunities.

Our robust experience in China makes us a reliable partner for your company in energy efficiency projects and project financing in China, as well as for selling and distributing your cleantech solutions on the Chinese markets.