Support services on the use of Kyoto Mechanisms for the Finnish Government (Finnder)

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Client: Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland

GreenStream acted as a comprehensive support service provider to the Finnish Government during 2010-2014 regarding the use of Kyoto Mechanisms. Finland uses the Kyoto Mechanisms to purchase greenhouse gas emission reductions from sustainable energy projects to reach its targets under the Kyoto Protocol. GreenStream’s work included managing a portfolio of 13 Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and 5 Joint Implementation (JI) projects on behalf of the Finnish Government, and other support services, to ensure the delivery of carbon credits to Finland.

Photo taken by: Mr. Jiang Wei (Ningxia Federal Intertrade Co., Ltd)
Project developed by: Ningxia Federal Intertrade Co., Ltd and Clean Air Capital Ltd

GreenStream organized and managed the validation, registration and issuance processes of the CDM/JI projects, supervised the monitoring of emission reductions, did project- and portfolio-level risk analysis, communicated with relevant national stakeholders and provided legal support regarding the purchase of emission reduction units. The project types in Finland’s portfolio included wind power, small-scale hydropower, biomass power, landfill gas to energy, solar cooker, solar water heater and household-level biogas. The projects are located in China, Estonia, Honduras, Jordan and South Africa.

The support services included monthly participation in the inter-ministerial Mechanisms Steering Group of Finland where decisions on the use of Kyoto mechanisms are made, as well as providing technical, legal and economic advice for the Finnish government regarding the use of Kyoto Mechanisms. GreenStream also provided monthly market analysis of emissions trading and market-based mechanisms to the Finnish ministries.

    Photo taken by: Faisal Al-Fairs / GreenStream Network

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