Aleksi Lumijärvi appointed GreenStream’s Chief Strategy Officer

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After working two years in the International Renewable Energy Agency (, Mr. Aleksi Lumijärvi rejoined his homebase GreenStream and took charge of the company’s strategic development as Chief Strategy Officer. Mr. Lumijärvi is internationally known expert in renewable energy markets, investments and finance who was working in the renewable energy finance team in IRENA headquarters in Abu Dhabi. His work was focused on developing countries and Africa in particular.

Lumijärvi has almost 20 years of experience in renewable energy and climate markets and finance. He joined GreenStream for the first time in 2006, and lead the climate finance advisory team of GreenStream. Now back in GreenStream he brings to the company a comprehensive picture of global renewable energy markets, deep understanding about the global landscape of climate finance, and global networks to public and private sector investors, as well as international organisations in the field.

As GreenStream is, together with London-based Camco Clean Energy, managing the The Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP, which supports renewable energy projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa, Lumijärvi’s expertise brings GreenStream valuable knowledge and international proficiency in the field of renewable energy and climate finance, in African market in particular.

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