CarbonStream Africa, a new JV between the South African CEF Carbon SA (Pty) and GreenStream

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CarbonStream Africa, a new African-European CDM expert company, announced its international launch on Monday the 19th January 2009, in London. The company is a Joint Venture between the South African state owned company CEF Carbon SA (Pty) and the Nordic company GreenStream Network Plc. The company also builds on the excellent technical base in South Africa, with specialist consulting firms in South Africa working with the new JV.
CarbonStream Africa is an advisory company delivering comprehensive solutions and services for emission reduction projects, such as the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Voluntary Offsetting.

The company is dedicated to help project developers both in Africa and on a global basis to optimize and secure the carbon revenue stream from emission reduction projects and taking the project through the entire process from creation to sale.

According to CEO Deven Pillay, CarbonStream Africa is an unique concept in the African CDM market and committed to contribute towards capacity building of CDM expertise in South Africa and Africa.

“Although lagging behind Asia and Latin America in terms of registered CDM projects, African nations are in a position to benefit from the rapid expansion of the global carbon markets and the increasing demand for Carbon Emission Reductions” says Pillay in a comment.

Our experts create value for our clients at every stage of the CDM/JI project process. We focus on high quality in the entire project management cycle and our multicultural team of experts ensures excellence in the project execution. The company brings international and local skills together, with the aim of accelerating CDM projects in South and Southern Africa. The company also has a substantial track record of PDD development, and Carbon consultancy and advisory services.
Arne Jakobsen of GreenStream Network and Board member of CarbonStream Africa says in a comment that “Norway and the Nordic countries and South Africa have for a long time had a close cooperation on energy related issues, and this cooperation is a fruit of a long term relationship”.

Located in South Africa CarbonStream Africa is strategically positioned in Africa with close way to the African carbon market. However we offer our services on a global basis, and have an experienced team with experts in the carbon markets and from emission reduction projects.

Latest references

Opening China markets for Sarlin

GreenStream has opened China markets to many Finnish small and medium sized companies. One of the main technology partners at the moment is Sarlin.

Shangdong Guangjun Paper – annual energy savings up to 32 %

Annual savings:

Electricity saving: 1926.6 MWh
Water saving: 18495 m3
Steam saving: 2652 t
Standard coal: 1068 TCE
Emission reduction: 2766t CO2e

Energy Efficiency for Delong Steel

GreenStream’s project saved 15 % of the compressed air related electricity costs annually for Delong Steel’s Xingtai steel mill. The technology provider was Sarlin.