Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones: GreenStream Sponsors Workshop on Chinese Emission Trading Schemes

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The International Emissions Trading Association, sponsored by GreenStream, has held a two day workshop with key stakeholders on the development of the pilot Chinese emission trading schemes. The event commenced with a high level breakfast attended by His Excellency Lars Backström, Finnish Ambassador to China, Mr Liu Yun Feng of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Mr Zhao Shi Tong of the State Owned Assets Supervision Administration Commission of China and the Australian Minister for Climate Change, Mr Greg Combet.

The workshop was very well attended with senior representatives of key stakeholders such as state-owned power companies, leading Chinese banks, major oil & gas companies and other industries impacted by the development of emission trading schemes in China.

During a panel moderated by Karl Upston-Hooper, General Counsel of GreenStream, further details of the Beijing based emissions trading scheme (first announced on 28 March 2012) were released by Mr Mei Dawan of the Beijing Energy and Emissions Exchange. Mr Mei noted that the Beijing ETS would provide a “robust, strict and effective” market tool and highlighted the measures by which the regulator would ensure price stability within the scheme. However, Mr Mei noted that in order to launch the scheme by 1 January 2013 substantial workstreams would require completion in H2 2012.

Of particular note during the Workshop was a training module on Risk Management, led by Anna-Maija Sinnemaa, Senior Specialist of GreenStream. This module highlighted the legal and policy risks that industry face when entering a cap and trade emissions trading scheme and drew on Ms Sinnemaa’s extensive experience of assisting compliance installations under the European ETS. Ms Sinnemaa stated:

“The implementation of emissions trading schemes in China will require affected industries to reassess their risk management strategies and consider the impact on of both market risk and political risk on their business. However, effective risk management can turn risks into opportunities.”

GreenStream has world-class expertise in carbon financing and capitalising carbon credits from projects that reduce emissions. Its Beijing based team has a proven record in managing the carbon finance cycle of projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and offers energy efficiency solutions utilising Nordic technologies to the power sector in China.

Further information:

Karl Upston-Hooper, General Legal Counsel
+358 40 840 8006 or

Jussi Nykänen, Chairman of the Board
+358 40 840 8001 or

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