GreenStream: A Pioneer in Developing the Carbon Offset Market in China

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As has been widely reported, GreenStream is proud to play a pioneering role in developing an offset market in China. GreenStream has executed emission reduction purchase agreements for approximately 1.2 million CCERs and plans to increase this portfolio ten-fold during 2013. The creation and use of this offset mechanism, approved by the NDRC, will play a key role in the Chinese ETS pilots and the development of a national emissions trading scheme after 2015.

Although many details of the pilot schemes are still being formulated, Karl Upston-Hooper, General Counsel of GreenStream noted “There will be some trading this year, just so that people feel that things are progressing, but that’s not our business model.  Our business model is: where is China in 2016, 2017, 2018?  It’s a longer-term commitment to China.  Undoubtedly, they will go down this policy road.  This road has proven successful here with the CDM.  It has a future here, and I think we are just making sure that we’re part of that future.”

Karl Upston-Hooper highlighted that the announced transactions resulted from the strong network with key industrial stakeholders developed by GreenStream’s Beijing office:

“The key to our success in China is our great team in Beijing. Based within the walls of the Forbidden City, at the very heart of China, they do an excellent job in reaching all corners of the 33 provinces and autonomous regions. The team has not only succeeded in delivering for our carbon funds and now creating CCER pipeline but is also developing innovative energy efficiency financing options for Chinese industry.”

Further information available from:

Karl Upston-Hooper, General Counsel, tel. +358 40 840 8006

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