GreenStream Builds Bridge to China for Nordic Clean Technologies

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GreenStream, a Nordic leading developer and manager of carbon investment vehicles, builds a bridge to China for Nordic cleantech solutions. GreenStream, in co-operation with the Beijing based Juno Capital Group, will assist companies supplying Nordic environmental solutions to the energy intensive and energy industries in building their project portfolios and in expanding their business in China.

As noted by Dr Jussi Nykänen, Chairman of the Board and founder of GreenStream: “Cleantech and energy efficient technologies are a natural extension of our existing relationships with major Chinese energy and energy-intensive industry companies. These companies, that GreenStream has previously developed greenhouse gas emission reduction projects with, are enthusaistic about the energy efficiency gains that Nordic solutions could potentially provide”. “Together Juno and GreenStream are ideally placed to bring together Nordic technology and Chinese industry. I am confident that we can provide the much sought after “win-win” solution”, he adds.

GreenStream has profound expertise in carbon financing and capitalising the carbon credits from projects that reduce emissions. Its existing client base in China includes for example power companies that have together power production capacity of over 100 GW, i.e. more than the whole Nordic power production capacity.

“Our goal is to leverage our strong position in China and provide the additional services that are being demanded by our clients”, says Dr Nykänen. Currently, GreenStream is the carbon finance partner in over 60 projects in China (emissions reductions >50 Mt CO2eqv) and the pipeline consists of more than 100 additional projects. The combination of GreenStream´s decade of carbon experience and strong expertise in carbon financing with the effort and contact network of the joint venture with Juno Capital Group in China has lead to outstanding results and a balanced project portfolio of the highest quality.

Latest references

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GreenStream has opened China markets to many Finnish small and medium sized companies. One of the main technology partners at the moment is Sarlin.

Shangdong Guangjun Paper – annual energy savings up to 32 %

Annual savings:

Electricity saving: 1926.6 MWh
Water saving: 18495 m3
Steam saving: 2652 t
Standard coal: 1068 TCE
Emission reduction: 2766t CO2e

Energy Efficiency for Delong Steel

GreenStream’s project saved 15 % of the compressed air related electricity costs annually for Delong Steel’s Xingtai steel mill. The technology provider was Sarlin.