GreenStream establishes the Fine Post-2012 Carbon Fund

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GreenStream, a leading Northern European company in the carbon and renewable energy markets, announces the establishment of the Fine Post-2012 Carbon Fund, the company’s second vehicle purchasing carbon emission reductions generated in 2013-2020. The investors in the new fund are energy companies EPV Energy, Kotkan Energia and Pori Energia, all investors in GreenStream’s Kyoto period carbon funds of which the Fine Carbon Fund is the first.

Tomas Otterström, who leads GreenStream’s development and management of climate investment vehicles, says: many companies have started to manage their post-2012 climate positions, either from a compliance perspective or for voluntarily neutralising their emissions. “The project portfolio of our Fine Carbon Fund generates a good share of post-2012 carbon credits, an opportunity which the mentioned investors in our Kyoto period carbon funds were keen to take. The Fine Post-2012 Carbon Fund thus builds on the Fine Carbon Fund serving the long-term carbon credit need of our current investors.”

According to Rami Vuola, CEO of the biggest investor EPV Energy, the investment in emission reductions through the fund is a part of the company’s overall strategy which aims at carbon neutral energy production. The company has also significant wind power, bioenergy and nuclear power programs, which aim at increasing renewable energy power production, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and replacing the use of fossil fuels with domestic fuels.

Otterström adds that GreenStream also manages another post-2012 carbon fund, the Climate Opportunity Fund, the second Tranche of which is open for new investors. The Climate Opportunity Fund provides carbon credit or cash return depending on each investor’s preferences and therefore serves both compliance buyers, actors voluntarily neutralising their emissions and financial investors.

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