GreenStream implemented its first energy efficiency project in China in a record time

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GreenStream’s first EMC (Energy Management Contract; ESCO in Western markets) project has been successfully commissioned in China and is already generating 35% annual energy savings. GreenStream was the first Finnish company to make an EMC agreement in China utilizing Finnish technology and is proud that project has been implemented in a record time. The EMC model enables mill owner to implement energy efficiency project without own initial investments. The technology provider is Finnish Runtech Systems Ltd. and the Chinese customer is a paper manufacturer Henglian Shandong Guanghua Paper Group Co., Ltd., which is subsidiary of Shandong Henglian Group, a China Top30 Pulp & Paper company.

The project brought five Finnish small and medium sized cleantech companies together and gave them first and extremely valuable China references.

“China is without a doubt the most interesting single market for Runtech Turbo blowers. For years Runtech has tried to get the first reference from China without a success. We started our co-operation with GreenStream in autumn 2012 and the first deal was signed in spring 2013. We were positively surprised how quickly GreenStream was able to turn the first sales lead in to real project. It was also amazing how well GreenStream was able to handle the full turnkey project.  The first Turbo is now running in China. Besides saving energy and water it is also makes the wet end of the machine more stable to run. The end user is satisfied for the new systems and proudly shows it to the other customers who are also interested in the new technology and energy savings. I am convinced that this reference will help us to reach our ambitious growth targets we have set for the coming years”, says Antti Puurunen, Vice President of Runtech Systems Ltd.

According to Jussi Nykänen, CEO of GreenStream Network Plc: “Transfer of Nordic cleantech solutions to China, financing as well as development and implementation of projects is a very concrete way of assisting Chinese companies in reducing their energy consumption and emissions. We want to become one of the major actors in the Chinese EMC markets and successful realization of the Runtech project is an important milestone for us. Having a strong China-based team, happy client and revenue stream from existing project give us good grounds for growing our business significantly in China.”

The project consisted of a new vacuum system being retrofitted to a paper machine and the installment was completed in December 2013. The project immediately generated benefits: annual savings of 2500 MWh of electricity, 688.800 m3 of water, 1503 t of steam, 507 TCE of standard coal and overall 2670 tCO2e emission reductions. In addition the system is easy to operate and it mitigates the risk of stoppage in the production process.

GreenStream’s activities in China are coordinated through a joint venture with the Juno Capital Group. The partnership combines local experience and relationships with GreenStream’s world-leading expertise, and leverages a strong network of key industrial, financial, and regulatory stakeholders in China.

GreenStream EMC and energy efficiency project activities in China are also promoted by Team Finland. Team Finland’s pilot project called “Energy Efficiency Solution Business Concept for the Chinese Industrial Market” program is a 2-year project lead by GreenStream Network and financed by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. The program launches and analyses pilot projects in different industries in China, in addition to developing new business models for Finnish technology companies in energy efficiency projects in China.

Further information: CEO Jussi Nykänen, +358 40 840 8001

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