GreenStream is developing an innovative waste treatment methodology in China

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The Kyoto Protocol Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has all together 21 accepted methodologies in the sectoral scope of Waste handling and disposal. GreenStream, a leading Nordic carbon finance company, co-developed a new solid waste treatment methodology AMS-III.AX: Methane oxidation layer (MOL) for solid waste disposal site. This recently approved methodology has been completed together with the TU Braunschweig, Germany. The new methodology is applicable to project activities involving the construction of a methane oxidation layer on top of a retired municipal solid waste disposal site.  The purpose is to avoid the release of methane through biological oxidation in the MOL.

The residual methane from the retired solid waste disposal sites will be released for longer than 20 years after the dispsoal sites are closed. The continous methane emissions will cause an accumulated negative impact on the climate change. The landfill gas recovery technologies are not cost-efficient and realistic in most of the retired landfill sites. As the alternative of landfill gas recovery, the methane oxidation layer will be a low-cost technology to mitigate the impact on climate change caused by the municipal solid waste disposal. In some provinces in China the situation of waste treatment is already critical, yet with aid of CDM, a new innovative central waste treatment facility can be partially financed with the carbon credits generated in the project.

“CDM covers wide variety of project types and the developed methodologies can be utilised in the future carbon reduction schemes” says Jussi Nykänen, Chairman of the Board and founder partner of GreenStream. CDM rules and methodologies are a result of widely-recognized process, of which a continuous improvement is part of. All CDM projects are independently evaluated at many stages and the achieved emission reductions are monitored and verified within a very carefully designed framework.

Latest references

Opening China markets for Sarlin

GreenStream has opened China markets to many Finnish small and medium sized companies. One of the main technology partners at the moment is Sarlin.

Shangdong Guangjun Paper – annual energy savings up to 32 %

Annual savings:

Electricity saving: 1926.6 MWh
Water saving: 18495 m3
Steam saving: 2652 t
Standard coal: 1068 TCE
Emission reduction: 2766t CO2e

Energy Efficiency for Delong Steel

GreenStream’s project saved 15 % of the compressed air related electricity costs annually for Delong Steel’s Xingtai steel mill. The technology provider was Sarlin.