GreenStream making new deals at record pace

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GreenStream Network has gained a record growth pace and signed yet again a new energy efficiency project contract in China. Last year GreenStream signed three energy efficiency project contracts and this newest contract is already second announced deal in 2015. “The momentum of our project portfolio’s growth reflects the urgent need of Finnish cleantech solutions in China” states Dr. Jussi Nykänen, the CEO of GreenStream Network Plc. “China’s industrial sector counts two thirds of country’s energy consumption and the continuously tightened environmental laws and regulations will only make the energy efficiency demand bigger” he adds.

The newest energy efficiency project is signed with Chinese paper mill, Shangdong Guanjun Paper Co. Ltd located in Shangdong province. The key technology provider will be Finnish Runtech Systems. “The collaboration with GreenStream has given a boost to Runtech’s activities in China and the joint pipeline looks very promising“ says Jukka Lehto, CEO of Runtech Systems Ltd.

The energy efficiency project will be established as an EMC (Energy Management Contract, known as ESCO in Europe) project where the value of energy savings are shared with the Chinese customer. China’s EMC market has grown rapidly, approximately 30 % annually during past years. “Most EMC companies in China are small and have disappeared from the market quite fast after entering there, but we have been able to keep our position in the market and achieved continuous and sustainable growth” Dr. Nykänen notes.

Photo by Faisal Al Fairs

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