GreenStream starts providing EKOenergy

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GreenStream has today signed the Licence Agreement for EKOenergy, the first pan-European ecolabel for renewable electricity. “This move will enable us to serve our clients all over Europe even better in the future”, says Michael Weber, Group Head of GreenStream´s environmental commodity trading services. “This is a valuable extension to our product catalogue and from now on we are able to trade also EKOenergy”, he continues.

The green electricity certificate market has doubled during the last five years, summing up to over 200 TWh in the year 2012. “The market activity has been increasing and in our trading business we have also seen a growing interest for labelled green electricity products, where the environmental aspects are taken into account even more carefully”, noted Mr Weber.

“Consumers don’t only want to know that the electricity is green, but also want to get extra “guarantees”. They want to see evidence that their choice makes a difference on the field or that the renewable electricity is produced in a sustainable way. EKOenergy is developed to serve those needs”, says Riku Eskelinen, Coordinator of the EKOenergy Network.

EKOenergy is a tool developed by a network of 24 environmental NGOs from 20 different countries. The EKOenergy criteria go beyond being just renewables. EKOenergy must originate from powerplants that fulfill the EKOenergy sustainability rules. And on top of that, a part of the green premium will go to new investments in renewable electricity, via the EKOenergy climate fund.

GreenStream, with offices across Europe and in China, focuses on the provision of green certificate and carbon asset management services, delivering energy efficiency projects in China and comprehensive services in the climate and renewable energy markets. In addition to green certificates, GreenStream deals also with voluntary carbon credits (VERs) used for CO2 footprint offsetting and compliance carbon credits. GreenStream has been voted 9 times in row as the “Best Broker – Renewable energy certificates” by the Environmental Finance magazine.

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