GreenStream Takes a Leadership Position in the Development of Global Climate Markets

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GreenStream is proud to announce its participation as a founding member of the Business-Partnership for Market Readiness (“B-PMR”) established by the International Emissions Trading Association ( This special initiative of leading international firms will serve to support the Partnership for Market Readiness (“PMR”) established by the World Bank, and enable a private-public partnership to support the implementation of carbon markets in 16 implementing (developing) countries including China, India, Brazil and South Africa.

The World Bank’s PMR ( brings together major developed and developing countries that are seeking effective solutions to climate change. Working together, they have created a global platform for discussions on new market instruments and have demonstrated a willingness to learn from one another through open, frank dialogue about how best to create and build market solutions for climate change mitigation. The PMR provides grants and technical assistance to implementing countries to enable them to develop and pilot market readiness proposals. Recently, China presented its proposal detailing pilot emissions trading schemes and a national carbon market.

Dr Jussi Nykänen, CEO and Chairman of the Board of GreenStream stated that “We are extremely proud to be contributing to the B-PMR to push forward innovative market-based climate solutions in key developing countries, especially in our key target area China”. He also noted that Finland already contributes to the PMR.

“The B-PMR aims to bridge the gap between the private sector community and the exciting activities of the World Bank PMR,” says IETA President and CEO Dirk Forrister. “As these PMR programs take shape, IETA is perfectly positioned to assist in building business readiness for these new markets, which includes sharing best practices from experiences in existing carbon markets, and where appropriate supporting the policy development process. IETA’s B-PMR will provide the ideal forum to achieve this.”

The activities of the B-PMR will commence with a workshop, in conjunction with the World Bank’s PMR, for potential market participants in the Guangdong, China pilot emissions trading scheme. The other founding members of the B-PMR are Alstom, Baker & McKenzie, BP, Camco, Enel, Morgan Stanley, Norton Rose, Rio Tinto and Statoil.

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