GreenStream implemented its first energy efficiency project in China in a record time

GreenStream’s first Energy Management Contract (ESCO in Western markets) project has been successfully commissioned in China and is already generating 35% annual energy savings.

GreenStream signed yet again an EMC investment agreement in China

GreenStream has signed another Investment Agreement in China, this time with Zhuhai S.E.Z Hongta Renheng Paper Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of the Chinese state-owned Paper giant CCT (China Paper Corporation).

GreenStream Network signed the first EMC contract utilizing Finnish technology in China

GreenStream has signed an Energy Management Contract (EMC) with Henglian Shandong Guanghua Paper Group Co., Ltd, a paper manufacturer in Shandong province in China. The EMC contract is first of its kind for utilizing state of the art Finnish technology in China and the technology provider is Runtech Systems Ltd. The signing ceremony was h...

GreenStream and TM System Finland Oy announce strategic cooperation in Chinese energy efficiency market

GreenStream Network and TM System Finland Oy, the Finnish industrial energy efficiency company are pleased to announce a strategic partnership designed to enhance energy efficiency opportunities in China.