Action time – GreenStream at COP22 in Marrakech

The latest round of UN climate change negotiations was dedicated to action, and all participants were to return from Marrakech with a to-do list for implementing the Paris Agreement.

8 ways to solve the Paris climate contradiction

The historic Paris conference left the world with a contradiction. On the one hand, the Paris Agreement promises to limit climate change to well below two degrees.

More, faster, now: reforming fora for climate action

Countries need to accelerate climate action to meet the commitments of the Paris Agreement. Luckily there are various options for countries to choose from.

First post-Paris climate negotiations in Bonn – some progress but a lot of work to be done

The Bonn conference was the first session after the adoption of the Paris Agreement in December 2015 and the successful signing ceremony in New York in April 2016.

Globaalit päästökauppamarkkinat jatkoivat kasvuaan vuonna 2009

Globaalit päästökauppamarkkinat jatkoivat kasvuaan viime vuonna Globaalien päästökauppamarkkinoiden vaihto ylsi 8,2 miljardiin tonniin vuonna 2009 – kasvua edelliseen vuoteen on lähes 70 %.