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Investment in GreenStream’s energy efficiency business in China grows 700 % in 2015

GreenStream Network is building a firm foothold in China’s energy efficiency market. GreenStream’s first EMC (Energy...

GreenStream leverages its energy efficiency business in China with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

The provision of debt financing by Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to European Energy Savings Technologies (Shanghai) L...

GreenStream making new deals at record pace

GreenStream Network has gained a record growth pace and signed yet again a new energy efficiency project contract in China. Last year GreenStream signed three energy efficiency project contracts and this newest contract is already second announced deal in 2015.

Energiakolmio Oy and Skapat Energia Oy acquired GreenStream Network Plc’s intermediary services

Finnish Energiakolmio and Skapat Energia have acquired GreenStream’s trading and carbon emission compensation services relating to guarantees of origin (GoO), green certificates, and emission allowances. In future, GreenStream’s intermediary team will be part of a new energy management specialist group.

GreenStream builds momentum in China with another energy efficiency project

GreenStream Network has built further momentum for its energy efficiency business in China. In the beginning of the month GreenStream announced its expansion to Chinese steel industry and now the company signed a new project contract with Chibi Chenli Paper Co., Ltd,

GreenStream Network is the winner of Environmental Finance’s annual market rankings

The results of 15th Annual Market Rankings are now published and we are proud to announce that GreenStream is the winner in “Best carbon advisory in China” and “Best broker in renewable energy certificates in Europe”.

GreenStream Network signed a breakthrough deal in Chinese Steel Industry

GreenStream has signed a cooperation and energy efficiency project contract with Chinese Delong Steel Group and Delong Steel Co. Ltd. This energy efficiency project will be carried out at Delong Steel’s Xingtai mill by using Sarlin’s world class technology.

GreenStream as co-writer in the report “the Use of Economic Instruments in the Nordic Environmental Policy 2010-2013”

GreenStream has conducted a study, in cooperation with Copenhagen Economics and Environice, on the use of economic instruments in environmental policy and environmentally harmful subsidies in the Nordic countries.

GreenStream obtains carbon trading licences to expand its China business

GreenStream China has been granted three licences to trade allowances and offset credits within the Chinese Pilot emissions trading schemes.